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The spread of COVID-19 across the globe is reaching us all in one way or another. Measures to reduce the spread of the virus are affecting business operations and people’s wellbeing in many ways.

Our main operations centre remains unaffected.

Our operations centre in Vietnam has, to date, not suffered any direct effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and it has not impeded production.

The COVID-19 situation in Vietnam has been less severe in impact than elsewhere as a result of the prompt and thorough implementation of control measures by the authorities.  We are strictly following the guidelines, particularly with regard to personal contact and general hygiene.

While this situation persists, we will eliminate all but the most essential personal contact in order to preserve our ability to continue supporting our clients all over the world.

Data security and accessibility is key to our – and your – business operations.  Much of our work is cloud-based, giving us operational flexibility and the capability to work from home if needed.

Our priority is to ensure that our work continues.

This situation will pass and the actions we take now will influence the world that emerges.

We are looking after our people, bringing extra redundancy into our systems, and responding quickly as our clients’ needs change.

As always, keep communicating and we will weather this storm together.