Atlas collaboration with Scott Brownrigg


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Atlas are delighted to announce our new Digital Twin Unit collaboration with Scott Brownrigg.

A Digital Twin connects the physical and digital worlds.  Interfacing with a number of digital plugins, a Digital Twin has the ability to simulate scenarios and make accurate predictions, helping organizations pinpoint critical weak spots in their assets to mitigate risk. In the long term, a Twin can improve future building design programmes and ongoing maintenance.  

This joint venture combines the design and planning skills of Scott Brownrigg with our digital technology expertise. We have been working on Hong Kong Airport Terminal. The Overall Digital strategy for the Airport Authority Hong Kong is to digitize the Airport facility, creating a Digital Twin of the entire 12.5 sq km site. Over 70,000 Employees work within the Airport facilities.


Our Smart work included:

Proof of Concept Retrospective As-Built modelling request
Atlas created LOD500 Revit models from the laser scan information provided
Test COBie data was also created and entered into the models
A digital twin of the Gate 219 area was created

The Digital Twin Unit looks forward to supporting clients in delivering on their Digital Twin strategies thus enabling the benefits of improved efficiency and effectiveness in asset management to be realised.