5 minutes with Thanh Ha


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After Tet holidays and everyone gets back to work already, we would like to introduce to you Thanh Ha – Structure Manager is one of those who has been working at Atlas for the longest time. Ha will share with us what is like to work here for a long time and how a perfect day should be.


How long have you been at Atlas?
I have been working for Atlas for almost 17 years.


What were you doing before you discovered Atlas? 
I worked at M&C Corporation as a structural engineer.


What brings you to Atlas? 
I searched on the internet and found that Atlas is a large outsourcing company, with a professional working environment.


What’s the focus of your role?
I am a structural engineering manager. I usually manage a team of around 10 staff working on 2-3 projects at the same time. I discuss directly with the client about their requests and assign the proper tasks for each member/senior. I make a program for these projects and ensure we meet the deadlines.


What makes you happy about working at Atlas?
The friendly working environment. All the team are willing to support, share knowledge, and to help each other complete the work effectively. 


Can you describe a typical day?
First task in the day is to read all the emails and prioritize the workflow
Assign the task to the seniors/teams- arrange the internal meeting if necessary
Arrange a meeting with clients/ Third parties
Check the status of work to the program/deadline
Ensure all the staffs work effectively
Review the monthly invoicing 
Doing the estimation for the coming proposals…

What (if anything) surprised you about Atlas?
Atlas always welcomes back former workers. Their additional experience brings valuable skills and productivity for our company.


What is the most interesting project that you have been working on so far?
Hong Kong Airport, Gate 219 to be modeled from Point cloud data to create a digital twin of the facility.


What advice would you pass to someone entering the industry?
In the construction industry deadlines are really important, you must be willing to work late/under pressure. 

Show your willingness to learn (from colleagues, clients, self-learning…) can be effective for proving to employers that you are motivated to take on new challenges and develop in your role.


How do you spend your spare time? 
I usually enjoy reading a book to learn something every day.


What’s your idea of a perfect day?
To me, a perfect day should be a day that you bring value to someone.

With children, they have something to learn from me and feeling happy every moment we are together.

With family, we see the smiles and the happiness when we arrive back home. We leave all the stresses behind us.

With work, achieving most of the daily plan is important and satisfying.

I have something positive to share with other people that I meet each day.


Tell me one thing your colleagues don’t know about you (yet?)
I can share with people how to be more healthy/young/nice.


Thank you for taking the time to speak with us Ha!